Factor Loans

Account Receivable Loans


Is it common practice for healthcare companies and providers to wait 30,60,90, and 120 days for payment from workers compensation, medicare, medicaid, and insurance companies. Factoring help boost your cash flow and eliminate the wait to be paid by advancing you on qualified receivables.


Accounts receivable factoring for all sized companies, including start-up businesses. Extensive experience in funding companies that sell to healthcare providers.

Medical Factoring is ideal for:

  • hospitals
  • nursing homes,
  • physicians' offices
  • temporary nurse staffing
  • allied health staffing
  • medical transcription
  •  medical coding
  •  private duty home care companies, etc 

We have the cash flow solution.

We know your business and the challenges you face.


NO application fees or hidden fees best business loans for healthcare provider, medical transportation, and healthcare companies

NO fixed term, NO cancellation fees and NO long-term contracts

NO monthly minimum amounts to factor

NO minimum invoice size

Freedom to factor invoices at any time after invoice has been generated

Freedom to factor as few as one invoice or all invoices

Choice Community Support's goal is to help you become a stronger business in the community.

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