Annuities and Life Insurance

Term Life

Term Life Insurance personifies its name. it is temporary life insurance with terms available 1, 10,15, 20, and 30 years. Term insurance is appropriate for   Individuals seeking income protection during their working years to help protect their family in the event of premature death. Normally much cheaper than permanent life insurance. 

Universal Life Insurance 

Universal Life Insurance a permanent life insurance can be customized to  provide flexible premiums and benefits.  It also has an investment savings element and low premiums like term life insurance. Most universal life insurance policies contain a flexible premium option

Whole Life Insurance 

Whole Life Insurance provies coverage fore the entire life of the insured. Moreover, whole life provides a death benefit and contains a savings component. The growing cash value and tax free sames is the most attractive component of the whole life insurance.



Annuities is a financial product that pays a fix stream of payment. Many individual use annuities when they retire to create a stream of income. We specialize in Fixed, stretch  and Indexed annuities.

Annuities are us for transfer risk strategies that can provide income for life, estate planning, or long-term care needs. 

Please be advise that Annuities are not suitable for everyone.

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